I cant remember the exact date but sometime in 2011 I started making jewelry to help fund a business I'd started with two friends. (One of the many ideas we had lol!) I was making earrings out of bottle caps. I wanted to create something different. Unique. I didn't know what to expect & I didn't know if people would like them or hate them. Once I made a few pairs I showed them off & got a great response! Just like that Earresistible was born! 

Earresistible has become a passion for me but most importantly it's a creative outlet. I start blasting some 90's music & zone out! Yea that's how the magic happens lol! Sooooo, we've got alot of new things coming! We've grown & have expanded our line to include ready to wear one of a kind adornments as well as our handcrafted pieces! We've got better quality, product knowledge & updates on where to find us! 

We are thankful to still be here grindin'! Never give up on your dreams! We look forward to growing with y'all! Thanks for checkin' us out! We appreciate the support...Enjoy our site.

Z'Andra Russell - Creative Director/Owner
Lawrence Russell Jr. - Owner